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Letter of political prisoner Buzurgmehr Yorov from the strict regime colony in Dushanbe.

On November 9 at 11 o’clock in the library I was reading Fariddun Attor’s book “House of Suffering”. The deputy head of the institution, Lieutenant Colonel Safarov Manuchehr Manuchehr and the head of the Operations and Investigation Department (OID), Major Orif entered. I stood up, observing all norms of respect. He asked me what book I was reading. I replied, “House of Suffering”, here is the library stamp. Then asked, what are those last names? I replied that I was in charge of the phone from room 5, squad 12, assigning times to whom and when to talk on the phone. He lied that I did not introduce myself according to the form, i.e. did not say “convicted Yorov B., Article 330, term, beginning and end of punishment”. I replied that no report was required in this case. You know my identity, there is my name on my clothes, you directly asked a question, I answered. But, I was taken to give an explanation, which I put in writing, fully describing their behavior. Tried to get me to change my statement, but I did not agree. Both of them persistently tried to force me. The chief Tursunov B. also wanted me to give other testimony. I refused, fell on my knees in front of Safarov Manuchehr and said that you can torture, beat, torment, insult me, but do not force me to change my testimony. He continued to force. I turned to face Qibla and swore that if I changed my testimony, my 5 children and wife would be haram to me. Then they stopped. They gave me 15 days of SHIZO.

On November 23, I was dragged like a dog to court. In 2021-2022, I received 8-9 times letters of thanks, several short and long-term visits, 2 diplomas personally from the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Tatarstan, Head of the Main Department for the Execution of Criminal Punishments, General Umar Mansurov. They declared me a persistent violator of the regime. Then I asked to raise my case 2021-2022, 8-9 letters of thanks, I am the head of the library, finally, I was given a Letter of Gratitude on behalf of the General and I was photographed (09.09.2022).

The lawyer was a state lawyer, the court did not take into account any arguments, I was given another 2 years in prison. Until now I have not received the court decision to complain about the verdict.  They hide my explanatory letter, and they write to the court that Yorov B. refused to testify.

I have been telling their stories since 09/28/2015. Giving testimony that will remain in history. Times will change, whether I will be alive or not, but the legal assessment will be given.

On the cold day of November 23, I was not allowed to bring my glasses and jacket, they brought me here, everyone wondered why they brought you in the winter season without warm clothes?

On January 13, the prosecutor arrived and said that Dzhamshed writes a lot on the Internet, we will take revenge, here is the statement of H.H. (Hasanov Hasan) about 42500 somoni in his testimony, which is evidence of slander. I demanded a confrontation with H.H. and that the meeting be videotaped.

On February 6, the judge of Somoni district came, I stated that everything is a lie, three employees Safarov Manuchehr, Orif and Davlatov Ahliddin should be convicted in this case. They committed crimes under articles 314, 316, 319, 250, 324, 347.

The wife of prisoner Radjabaliev Inoma (Article 401) took out H.H.’s letters, a bribe was paid for this.

15-20000 somoni received (the person who helped to take out the notebooks), taking out the notebooks is an illegal act, and printing it is not a crime. I caught a big thief Zardakov Davlatshokh, a Kyrgyz citizen, in the spring of 2022, but Safarov Manuchehr and D.A. did not hand him over to the prosecutor. They concealed the crime committed under article 244 part 4 paragraph A. They received information from me about illegal cooperation of H.H., but did not take measures. There is responsibility for this, because D.A. could bring weapons or some forbidden things from the families of prisoners into the prison in the future.

I told my mom or Rukhshona to become legal representatives. On February 14, this young lawyer came, I did not accept him. Until April 14, sanctions were announced. Was forced to accept the young lawyer. He is afraid, or he could come every day, meet with me, collect evidence, think over the line of defense, but he does not come. On February 8, the decision of the head of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan was made to assign a secrecy to the case, and the reason – if we start a case against B. Yorov, foreign countries will find out, international organizations will support him. I said, “Is my image higher than the image of the Republic of Tajikistan? I am a simple man, what kind of case under Article 247 (fraud) was given a secrecy label. Work according to the rules. Condemn these three – Manuchehr – son of the former director of school №11Musliddinova and D.A. H.H is a slanderer.

First, he slandered Kurbonaliev Nozim, an investigator of the transport prosecutor’s office in Sughd region, for receiving a bribe of 100,000 dollars, then he slandered Sodikov Rajabali, head of the Investigation Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office, for allegedly receiving 100,000 dollars. He then slandered the police officers of the Isfara district OMVD for torturing his wife. In his personal file there is a letter from the Prosecutor General demanding to check all points of H.H. If the accusations are not proved, initiate a criminal case under Article 346 on slander.

On 07.08.04 the investigator accused me without any grounds and illegally under article 247 part 4 paragraphs “a, b”. I asked him why for three months you have not held a confrontation with H.H., why you do not videotape it all. For far-fetched reasons, you declared my case closed, so that I could not defend myself, could not collect evidence.  You know, in the next two years two amnesties will be announced, do you want to illegally collect another 5-6 years, 16-17 years say, send me to Kurgan-Tyube prison.

They say they will check, but lie, because in 2017 their investigator Khakimov Muzaffar was convicted, they want to take revenge on me.

Can any of you (Rukhshona, Neelu, mom), formally request a visit. If only a lawyer comes to see me, give me a letter through him about what is happening at large. I have been accused of committing crimes on 4 episodes.

If we can prove Khasanov Khasan’s accusations false, everything will be fine. If we can’t, goodbye, you can forget me. Because in the next two years there’s a chance to go free. Increase the pressure of international human rights organizations.

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