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Buzurgmehr Yorov’s letter from prison

On November 9, at 11 o’clock in the library, I was reading Fariddun Attor’s book, “The House of Suffering.” Lieutenant Colonel Safarov Manuchehr, the deputy head of the institution, and Major Orif, the head of the Operative Investigation Department (OID), entered the room. I stood up, demonstrating respect as per the norms. Lieutenant Colonel Safarov asked me about the book I was reading. I replied, “The House of Suffering,” and showed him the library seal. He then inquired about the names mentioned in the book. I explained that I was responsible for managing the phone in room 5, unit 12, assigning time slots for individuals to make phone calls. He accused me of not properly identifying myself in the form, specifically by not stating “convicted Yorov B., article 330, term, beginning, and end of sentence.” I clarified that such information was not required for this particular situation. Considering that he directly asked about my identity and I had already provided my name, I believed it unnecessary to include further details. However, they insisted I provide an explanation, which I complied with by documenting their behavior. They attempted to coerce me into changing my testimony, but I refused. Both Lieutenant Colonel Safarov and Major Orif persistently pressured me. Warden Tursunov B. also sought a different testimony from me, but I declined. In front of Lieutenant Colonel Safarov, I knelt down and emphasized that they could torture, beat, insult me, but I would not be forced to alter my testimony. Despite their continued attempts to pressure me, I remained resolute. I turned towards the Kibla (direction of prayer) and swore that if I changed my testimony, my 5 children and wife would be considered forbidden to me (haram). Eventually, they relented. They sentenced me to 15 days in jail.

On November 23rd, they treated me in court like a dog. In 2021-2022, I received eight or nine letters of appreciation, several short and long-term visits, and two certificates personally from the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan and the head of the Main Department of Corrections of the Criminal Sanctions, General Umar Mansurov. However, they labeled me a persistent violator of the prison regime. I requested that my case be reconsidered in light of the eight to nine letters of commendation received in 2021-2022. As the head of the library, I finally received a commendation on behalf of the general and had my photograph taken on 09.09.2022.

The lawyer assigned to me was a state lawyer, but the court disregarded any arguments presented, and I was sentenced to an additional 2 years in jail. To date, I have not received the court’s decision to appeal the sentence. They concealed my written statement, falsely reporting to the court that I, Yorov B., refused to testify.

Since September 28, 2015, I have been vocal about their actions, providing testimonies that will be recorded in history. Times will change, and whether I am alive or not, a legal evaluation will be made.

On the cold day of November 23, they did not allow me to bring my glasses and jacket. Everyone wondered why I was brought in during the winter season without adequate warm clothing.

On January 13, the prosecutor informed me that Dzhamshed wrote extensively on the Internet, and they intended to seek revenge. They presented H.H.’s statement about 4,500 somoni as evidence of defamation. I demanded a confrontation with H.H. and requested the meeting be videotaped.

On February 6, the judge of the Somoni district arrived, and I stated that everything presented was a lie. I urged the conviction of three officers, Safarov Manuchehr, Orif, and Davlatov Akhliddin, for their crimes under articles 314, 316, 319, 250, 324, and 347.

The wife of prisoner Inoma Rajabalieva (Article 401) took H.H.’s letters after paying a bribe. She received 15,000 to 20,000 somoni (the person who assisted in taking out the notebooks). Although taking out notebooks is an illegal act, possessing her seal is not a crime. In the spring of 2022, I caught a major thief, Davlatshokh Zardakov, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. However, Safarov Manuchehr and D.A. did not hand him over to the prosecutor. They concealed the crime committed under Article 244, part 4, paragraph A. I provided them with information regarding H.H.’s illicit cooperation, but no action was taken. There is responsibility for this, as D.A. could potentially smuggle weapons or other prohibited items from prisoners’ families into the prison in the future.

I instructed my mother or Rukhshona to become my legal representative. On February 14, a young lawyer arrived, but I did not accept him. Sanctions were announced until April 14. Eventually, I was forced to accept the young lawyer. However, he is apprehensive and does not come to meet with me, collect evidence, or contemplate the defense strategy, even though he could do so every day. On February 8, the head of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan decided to classify the case as secret, stating that revealing the case against me would bring attention from foreign countries and international organizations. I expressed that my reputation is of higher value than that of the Republic of Tajikistan. I am a simple man, so why was the case classified under Article 247 (fraud)? I urge proper adherence to the rules. Convict these three individuals: Manuchehr, the son of the former director of school No. 11, Musliddinova, and D.A.H. for slander.

First, he slandered Kurbonaliev Nozim, an investigator at the transport prosecutor’s office in the Sughd region, accusing him of accepting a bribe of $100,000. Then he slandered Sodikov Rajabali, the head of the Investigation Department at the General Prosecutor’s Office, claiming that he received $100,000. He also accused the police officers of the Isfara district OMVD of torturing his wife. In my personal file, there is a letter from the Prosecutor General requesting a thorough investigation of all the points raised by H.H. If the accusations are not substantiated, a criminal case should be initiated against him under Article 346 for slander.

On 07.08.04, the investigator baselessly and illegally accused me under Article 247, Part 4, paragraphs “a” and “b.” I questioned why, for three months, he had not confronted H.H. or recorded any of this on video. For arbitrary reasons, he declared my case closed, preventing me from defending myself and gathering evidence. They know that in the next two years, two amnesties will be announced. They want to unlawfully extend my sentence for another 5-6 years, possibly 16-17 years, and send me to Kurgan-Tyube prison.

It is said that they will investigate, but it is a lie because in 2017 their investigator, Khakimov Muzaffar, was convicted. They want to take revenge on me.

Can any of you (Rukhshona, Nilu, Mom) officially request a visit? If a lawyer comes to see me, please give him a letter describing the current situation. I have been charged with offenses in four episodes:

Allegedly, in March 2022, my uncle’s son, Khasanov Murojon, handed over 20,000 somoni to Y.H. or Nazarova or someone I trust. I ask who these people are, even if you mention just one name. This accusation is a lie.

Allegedly, in April 2022, his wife Tagoeva Bogigul gave 15,000 somoni to all of you. They also falsely claimed that his wife was sick. He gave her 500-1000 dollars, paid the debt of the prisoner Sanginmurodzod Bakhtovar’s father amounting to 300 dollars, and bought a refrigerator for 3,200 dollars. Additionally, my aunt’s son, Abdulmajid, gave him 100 dollars. He changed his testimony and claimed that he asked for 2,000 somoni for the handover.

They accused me of forcing him to sell the refrigerator. After selling it for 2,000 somoni, that money was returned to us by the wife of the imprisoned lawyer Majidov Abdujallol, Nazarova Z. H.H. owed us 2,000 somoni from the refrigerator, and he repaid his debt, which is not a crime. He also gave us 400 somoni for a stove, which I sold. He never had a sensor stove. There are four of us, and we were supposed to contribute 120,480 somoni each to buy one. Fakhriddin Khaninboyev and I paid 360,120 somoni, and he used my phone card for the entire year without once adding balance to my phone. He only transferred 400 somoni to Zarrina for the phone card. In a personal handover, H.H. brought 20 and 170 items, which he gave to the prisoner. He speaks on the phone more frequently. I asked him to deduct 280 somoni from the 440 somoni for cola. He contributed 120 somoni for the balance, so their arguments are baseless. From 09.21, the card tabulagram proves that from 15-03 to 01-06, they lied.

Lastly, they claim that my older sister, younger sister, and Inom’s wife transferred 5,000 somoni to Nazarova Zarina or all of you in September 2023. This is also a lie. If they did send something, perhaps it was around 2,000 somoni, but not more. Currently, Khasanov owes 18,000 somoni to Jamshed, who assists with editing, posting, and advertising on networks. He was offered $100,000, but he refused. Khaidarshokh had a telephone conversation with the prisoner Khafizov Fathullo Mirovich, the son of Eshon Kolkhozobadsky. His sister, Gadoeva Mavjuda, is also involved in this deception. Haydarshokh discussed this slanderous matter on the phone with Khafizov Fathullo Mirovich, son of Eshon Kolkhozobadsky. His sister, Gadoeva Mavjuda, who has a sentence under Articles 200 and 289, is also a participant. They claim that 15,000 somoni were given by Fatkhullo’s father to his daughter Mavjuda. Instead of giving the money to us, Mavjuda gave it to Tagoyeva Bogigul. What is the purpose of this? Haydarshokh from the Balkh district should ask Eshon whether he gave 15,000 somoni to his daughter in April 2022 or not. If yes, for what purpose? Perhaps H.H. deceived them, gave 2,200 somoni to Yorova H., and 1,700 somoni to his wife in June 2021. He gave 500 somoni for a taxi. Maybe it happened that way. They need to ask if a man named Hasan is deceiving them.

In conclusion, it is crucial for us to gather evidence and prove the false accusations made by H.H. If we succeed in doing so, things will turn out well. However, if we fail, it might be necessary to bid farewell and move on. Nonetheless, we should keep in mind that there is a chance of release in the next two years. We should continue to increase pressure through international human rights organizations. Saimuddin’s attempt to reach out to Biden did not yield the desired results, so we must explore alternative avenues.

H.H. previously lied by claiming that I had been deceiving him since June 2022. However, when I testified about the 2,200 somoni, specifying that 1,700 somoni was for his wife and 500 somoni for a taxi, and when I handed over the transfer in September 2021, we must determine the exact amount he paid and obtain a copy as evidence. It is essential to highlight that he used the money to print the newspaper “Samak” and cover internet expenses. His lies began in March 2022. It might be worthwhile to visit Isfara police and speak with Zoidov Bahraward about H.H.’s false testimony against others and submit a statement to the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Furthermore, we should keep a close watch on your mother’s health. It would be beneficial to have H.H.’s material published on and, noting the publication date and monitoring comments. I believe this task should not be too difficult to accomplish.

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