Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Tajik authorities are preparing a high profile criminal trial

The Tajik authorities are preparing a high profile criminal trial for an allegedly “failed attempt of organizing mass riots” in prisons of Tajikistan.

The Prosecutor General’s Office have been working on that for more than two weeks, taking testimonies from prisoners in jails, interrogating “witnesses and suspects”, preparing for judicial process, and so on.

As Buzurgmehr Foundation previously reported, several prisoners were transferred from the YaS-3/1 correctional colony located in the city of Vahdat to a strict regime prison in Dushanbe. The political prisoners Buzurgmehr Yorov and Domullo Naimjon (Naimjon Sameev) are among them. The authorities want to accuse them of organizing riots in the country’s prisons. To obtain evidence necessary for the investigation, the law enforcement officers use torture and severe beatings, threats to add more years of imprisonment or placement in solitary confinement, restrictions on receiving food and clothes from outside and visits with relatives against prisoners who served their sentences together with these political prisoners.

The General Prosecutor’s Office and the leadership of the Main Directorate for the Execution of Criminal Sentences of the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan instructed the administration of the YaS 3/1 prison to use illegal methods to obtain evidence. The direct supervisors and perpetrators of tortures are Safarov Manuchehr, the deputy head of the prison and Fathulloev Orif, the head of the operational unit.

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