Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Freedom Now calls for the political prisoners’ immediate release

Freedom Now calls on the Tajik authorities to immediately release Mahmadali Hayit and other political prisoners.

Freedom Now, an international human rights organization based in Washington, DC, called on its Twitter for the immediate release of 13 convicted opposition leaders.

“2,600 days ago today as part of a widespread crackdown Tajikistan arrested 13 opposition leaders, including Mahmadali Hayit. They have faced abysmal prison conditions, resulting in the death of at least one member. We call for their immediate release”, the organization said on Twitter.

Mahmadali Hayit was arrested in September 2015 along with other high-ranking IRPT members. In 2016, a trial behind the closed doors sentenced him to life in prison on trumped-up charges.

The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention regarded Mahmadali Khait’s detention as arbitrary and illegal and called on the Tajik government to immediately and unconditionally release Mahmadali Hayit from prison and provide compensation and other reparations.

Together with the UN, other international human rights organizations have repeatedly called on the government of Tajikistan to immediately release Mahmadali Hayit and other convicted members of the IRPT, Group 24, Buzurgmehr Yorov, Zayd Saidov, Mahmadruzi Iskanadarov and other political activists, but the government of Tajikistan did not pay attention to these calls.

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