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Buzurgmehr Yorov released from solitary confinement

On October 7, the administration of the Vahdat prison released Buzurgmehr Yorov, a well-known imprisoned lawyer from solitary confinement.

Jamshed Yorov, Chairman of Buzurgmehr Foundation in an interview with Azda TV confirmed that Buzurgmehr Yorov was released from solitary confinement. He said that the new prison officers of Vahdat prison placed his brother in solitary confinement ten days ago for not participating in the roll call. According to him, on October 7 he returned to his cell.
Lawyer Jamshed Yorov said that when his brother Buzurgmehr Yorov was in the prison library, “someone deliberately locked the library door from the outside so that he could not go out and take part in the prisoners roll call”. Under this pretext, the prison officers placed Buzurgmehr Yorov in solitary confinement for ten days.

Jamshed Yorov explained that the authorities punished his brother Buzurgmehr for the activities of Buzurgmehr Foundation, as well as for the participation of the Foundation’s employees in the Warsaw Human Dimension Conference – OSCE.

According to the Tajik lawyer, during the two weeks of the Warsaw Human Dimension Conference – OSCE, two more political prisoners were placed in solitary confinement, but until this information is confirmed, their names will not be published.
Jamshed Yorov said that by punishing Buzurgmehr Yorov and other political prisoners, the country’s authorities sent a signal to opposition groups and Tajik human rights activists that “if our hands do not reach you, then our will reach hands your relatives, and they will be punished instead of you.”

On 28 September, 2015, Buzurgmehr Yorov, a prominent Tajik lawyer and political prisoner, was arrested after he undertook to defend members of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan in court. He was charged with various charges, including fraud, document forgery and insulting the president. The court sentenced him to 28 years in prison. The lawyer and his supporters denied the accusations and said that the court verdict was politically motivated/

Western countries and a number of international organizations have repeatedly called on the Tajik authorities to release Buzurgmehr Yorov from prison. However, the country’s authorities have never taken into account the demands of international organizations.


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