Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Buzurgmehr foundation: The transfer of Zubaidullo Roziq to solitary confinement is torture

Buzurgmehr Foundation considers the transfer of Zubaidullo Roziq, the 76-year-old Tajik political prisoner, to the punishment cell or solitary confinement as an inhuman act and torture.

Although it is a legal to place prisoners, who have violated the prison rules by any ways to the solitary confinement, however, the age and health condition of the prisoner should be taken into consideration.

Zubaidullo Roziq is almost 80. It is obvious that his health condition is not good to be kept in a small and dark room for a long time without bed accessories. According to information we received, the prisoners placed in the solitary confinement are kept on the floor, they are not given a bed or mattress, pillows, blankets, etc.

The main purpose of placing prisoners to solitary confinement is to punish them for violating prison rules.

Buzurgmehr Foundation believes that in case of Zubaidullo Roziq, this act of the administration of the prison No 3/1, is not only a punishment, but torture.

We firmly believe that there are other ways of bringing the prisoners violating the prison rules to discipline, not involving torture or humiliation of human dignity.

With this statement, Buzurgmehr Foundation calls on the Ombudsman of Tajikistan and the Prosecutor of the Republic of Tajikistan on Monitoring the Implementation of Laws in the Correctional Facilities of Dushanbe city and Districts of Republican Subordination, demanding their immediate intervention in this case.

The life and health of Zubaidullo Roziq is in danger. He should be released from the solitary confinement immediately.

Buzurgmehr Foundation

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