Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Buzurgmehr Foundation is concerned about pressures on journalists

Buzurgmehr Foundation is concerned about the recent incidents of pressure, threats, beatings and any other means hindering the professional activities of journalists and bloggers in Tajikistan.
Illegal attacks and taking away work equipment of Radio Ozodi and Current Time journalists Mullorajab Yusufzoda, Barot Yusufi, Anushervon Orifov, Nasim Isamov, arbitrary confiscation of the phone and computer of Asia-Plus reporter Ramziya Mirzobekova, pressures and threats against journalist and blogger Daleri Emomali, arrest of journalist Ulfatkhonim Mamadshoeva and arrest and disappear of blogger Hushom Ghulom indicates that the authorities of the country are acting contrary to the provisions of the Constitution and other legal documents and are introducing censorship in Tajikistan.
Thus, the state monopoly on information is increasing in the country, which threatens the legal basis of the periodical press and other mass media, as well as the state’s guarantee of its freedom.
Any violation of the freedom of the periodical press and other mass media should be regarded as a crime and prosecuted according to the legislation of Tajikistan. Censorship and harassment for criticism are prohibited.
We fully support the Joint Statement of Tajik Media Community published on 6 June 2022.
Buzurgmehr Foundation regards the inaction of the representatives of the Tajik law enforcement agencies towards these illegal acts as their irresponsibility and calls for an open and comprehensive investigation of these cases.

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