Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

To the President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Dear Mr. President,

The Buzurgmehr Foundation is deeply concerned about the human rights situation in Tajikistan, especially the rights of political prisoners. The recent news from the country’s prisons has concerned us even more.

You are probably unaware that two political prisoners, Rahmatullo Rajab and Zubaidullo Roziq, have been placed in solitary confinement, the most severe form of imprisonment, only because they appealed to you with a letter. Although a written appeal to the President or any other government body is not illegal and is allowed under the Constitution of Republic of Tajikistan and the Code of Execution of Criminal Sentences.

The Buzurgmehr Yorov Foundation is convinced that the main reason for the punishment of these two political prisoners is their appeal to you. The reason is that the authorities do not want you to consider the letters of the prisoners, because as a result of your consideration, the mistakes and crimes of the authorities during the investigation and trial proceedings will be revealed.

The simplest example is your involvement in the high-profile case of Madina Mahmadjonova, which was reconsidered after personal intervention of yourself and the mayor of Dushanbe, and as a result number of mistakes and crimes during the investigation were revealed and law enforcement officials were punished. This proves once again that your personal intervention or that of another high-ranking government official will certainly reveal the mistakes during the investigation and the trial process.

The appeal of two political prisoners, Rahmatullo Rajab and Zubaidullo Roziq, to ​​reconsider their case is not an illegal action. In this regard, the Buzurgmehr Yorov Foundation fully supports their appeal.

The Buzurgmehr Yorov Foundation requests that you, as the president of the country and the guarantor of human rights, to directly intervene to the case of Rahmatullo Rajab and Zubaidullo Roziq. We are convinced that the information provided to you by the Prosecutor General’s Office or other authorities is incorrect and prejudiced. Your personal intervention in this case will restore justice in judicial system, as well as social justice, which will further enhance the image of Tajikistan in the international arena.

We hope that our appeal will not go unanswered and that justice will be restored in judicial system of Tajikistan.


Letter of political prisoners Rahmatullo Rajab and Zubaidullo Roziq


The Buzurgmehr Foundation

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